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Security Guards Role in Prevention and Detection of Fires

The primary responsibility of a security guard to not only to look out for burglars but to also protect lives and property from human and natural events. Every Private Security Agency trains their security guards on how to tackle situations in case of events such as fire. Fire outbreaks cause massive destruction to life and property. Most of which is irreversible. Therefore, many organizations have invested a lot in manpower and gadgets to detect and prevent it as far as possible.

A security guard from a reputable Security agency in Noida is an asset. They know how to handle such life-threating situations and are well trained in it. As one of the main responsibilities of security guards is to detect and prevent fire. They are always on a lookout for fire hazards. Security guards play a significant role in the prevention and detection in the following way:

1. Prevention

All reputable security services Gurgaon train their security guards to prevent the outbreak of fire smartly. Whether they are in fixed point or on patrol, security guards are constantly on a lookout for sparks which cause a fire. It does not take a spark more than a few seconds to reach its full potential and turn into a raging fire. Security guards make sure that they are no sparks created due to carelessness such as storing flammable or combustible items near heat sources. They ensure that the fire extinguishers are not expired and not damaged. These guards clear the corridors of impediments or any such obstruction so that people can evacuate quickly. Also, they make sure that all the exit doors are kept clear so that they are accessible by people who need to evacuate.

2. Appropriate measures

In case of fire, the security guard has to take appropriate action now to minimize its aftereffects. Once the fire alarm goes off, the security guards have to confirm the event of the fire outbreak visually. Either by going to the location or by verifying it through the CCTV camera. If security guards have detected the fire before the alarm goes off, they have to activate it themselves (as there are high chances of the alarm malfunctioning). The next step requires them to make multiple phone calls. Starting with the fire department and then to all the authorities. Once they have informed the supervisor, all the security guards work along to ensure safety till the emergency services arrive.

3. Evacuation

Every security agencies in Delhi NCR train their security staff in the process of evacuation. It is a very crucial process. Evacuation is tough if the fire outbreaks in a public or crowded place such as the shopping mall or the business center. T?he security guards direct the public to the closest emergency exit (which is clear of all the obstructions) to save as many lives as possible.

This is how a security guard can prevent and detect fire, saving the lives of many and reducing the loss of property.

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