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Why Facility Managers should be contacted during the Facility Construction

A corporation, even when modest and average-sized, is a monolithic entity of rules and regulations that need to be implemented by facility managers. As such, while construction of the “facility” or the infrastructure, two kinds of costs are kept in mind – the capital expenditure (this is the money that goes into building the facility) and the operating costs (this is the cost of maintaining the facility one it is built).

Facility managers combine the two aforementioned costs into a third, more comprehensive term that predicts the amount of money a company has to spend per year because of the facility. The idea here is to minimize this cost without hindering the key aspects of the workplace.

Construction Planning

Most corporations will consult a facility manager very early in the stages of building their facility. The role of the facility management services in Delhi NCR is to recommend a manner of construction of the company that minimizes the facilities staff requirement, utility requirement (that is, the requirement of cleaning products, small appliances, as well as heat and electricity), accounts for a simple fire escape route, is adaptable and customizable, among a host of other important aspects of construction.

Space Optimization

Facility managers are concerned with the adequate optimization of space in a manner that minimizes wastage, maximizes space availability per worker, and makes for a very supple arrangement of office framework so that in the event of a drastic change in the company’s working, the facility can easily be adapted to suit the new requirements. Proper space optimization can only be done comprehensively during the design phase of the building.

Computer-Aided Optimisation

Facility managers work in conjunction with architects and civil engineers to come up with the optimal dimensions and framework of the building. Typically, this is done through computer aided design or CAD, which works by solving an intricate set of design variables called mixed-inter non-linear programming. While facility managers are not responsible for the execution of the process, they specify the constraints i.e. what must and must not happen in the company’s work space.

Minimize Constructional Debris

This is a unique feature of facility managers – reducing the debris involved during the construction of the building not only decreases the capital expenditure but also leads to a lower environmental impact. It is an intricate process and requires inter-disciplinary knowledge of building, design, and management. Facility managers are some of the only individuals on the face of the earth who come equipped enough to handle them.

Interior Design

Many aspects, such as the availability of natural light, natural ventilation of the workplace (wherever applicable) or a provision of the most eco-friendly and cost effective air conditioning, are a must-have for any corporation. Hence, even though we typically talk about interior designing once the construction is completed; some aspects of it must come into the picture during the construction itself. Facility managers see to it that the workspace of the corporation is impeccably designed and developed.


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