I, Manjit Singh Saini, CEO of PARAMOUNT GROUP will like to place on records that Mr. Ravi Kapoor of M/s Absolute Security & Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. is a man par excellence not only in his own business, but also in contributing to the life of others. He is a MASTER Security provider who knows how to execute his job very well !

We have been using his services from more than two years now, both in our Factory and at our office. And I can say with complete confidence that his meticulous approach of working with systems brings excellent results to his customers. Providing Security guards, in a way, is a Thankless and uncertain service, in which you depend a Lot on the other person’s attitude, behavior and execution of duties. Our Ravi, referred to as a SYSTEMS MAN, manages it so well, that most of the times, the 100% satisfaction is guaranteed to you.

We highly recommend services of Absolute Security to one and all !

Thanks a Lot Ravi, we have benefitted a Lot from your Systems approach and your mastery over your domain. You are awesome person who is always Ready to Contribute in the life of others by providing Free Trainings as well.

We feel delighted and proud to be using your services.

Wishing you amazing future !

Mr. Manjit Singh Saini

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I would like to place on record my deep appreciation and gratitude for Mr. Ravi Kapur and his company ‘Absolute Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd. ‘for their exemplary professionalism and high quality services rendered to us.

We have been using services of Absolute for the past 2 years and have been a very satisfied customer to say the least. Ravi with his in depth knowledge and understanding of security management has made our establishments safe and secure and we proudly vouch for the quality of their services rendered.

We have always received very good response from his team whenever we have reached out to them and are a very satisfied customer. We strongly recommend their services to all those who are particular about compliance and professional services and that too at reasonable costs.

I wish Ravi and his team greater successes and achievements in the months and years to come.

Mr. Rajat Dogra

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I, Harmeet Singh, Manager – Operations of Employee Pooling Resources Pvt. Ltd. Would like to give testimonial to Absolute Facility Management Pvt. Ltd.

We are a US based MNC handling the insurance process for several sectors. It was well established in 2010.

I have used the services of Absolute Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd. for housekeeping services of my premises for 1.5 years. I found them professional, process oriented and they take prompt action on any operation related issues.

I have no hesitation in recommending them to any person requiring Housekeeping Services. I wish them best of luck for their future endeavors.

Mr. Harmeet Singh

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I Amit Kukreja, founder of WealthBeing Advisors-a financial planning and investment advisory firm, would like to place on record that the services provided by Absolute Security owned by Mr. Ravi Kapur are thoroughly professional and process-centric.

I had a personal situation 5 months ago for which I needed a security guard. When the situation was discussed with Ravi, he immediately offered to help and with the least turn around time offered me a guard with his duties customized to my specific requirements.

Absolute security services offers a truly client-centric service delivery. Ravi’s vision and leadership skills to keep it a process-centric organization has stood the test to times. They are not only strict by processes but they are equally flexible customizing the service to ever-chaning requirements of the clients. Thank you so much for doing all the hard work for me. I would highly recommend your services. And I wish you all the luck for your business.

Mr. Amit Kukreja

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I Kanishk Agarwal, founder of legal firm CriTazCorp wants to put on record my recognition and appreciation for Mr. Ravi Kapur of Absolute Security and Facility Management Pvt Ltd. Recently, one of my clients had an exigent situation at one of his properties wherein a mob tried to break down the lock of his house. The guard already deputed ( of some other company) was not able to handle the situation and ran away. Client contacted me in a panicky situation and Mr. Ravi within a span of half hour remedied the situation by sending his guards who handled the situation at the property. I really commend Mr. Ravi Kapur for such a prompt response to a problematic situation of my client and now I can say that truly believe Mr. Ravi quote but with a twist that “ If you want peace of mind, it can be through Absolute.”

I will surely recommend his services to the people in my sphere.

Mr. Kanishk Agarwal

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My name is Reteish Sharma and I represent Zynna, Delhi’s finest window treatment showroom.

Ravi is very well poised, very patient and steady entrepreneur, who certainly knows his processes very well. Before , I met Ravi, Zynna had to struggle with the Security Manpower.

I always thought that Manpower providers are expensive and high end companies, who want to work only with the large corporates. Ravi changed this view of mine. At Zynna, we needed only one Guard, which Ravi not only agreed to provide, but also, the team and the processes followed in his company made us feel as important as any of his top end corporate customers. One call from Zynna , and Ravi’s team is available with all needed solutions.

After having said this, I will confidently refer Ravi and his company Absolute Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd. to my connect circle of friends and business associates. Not only because he is a thorough gentleman but also because, his team is perfect in deliverables and is very important for every organization peace of mind.

I wish Ravi and his company Absolute Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd. all the best !!

Mr. Reteish Sharma

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