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Is my guard / housekeeping manpower of “quality”?

Dear Reader,

I have been frequently asked to provide “quality” security/housekeeping manpower services. However even though according to me I provide “quality” manpower but a client is at times not happy. In following paragraphs, I will try and delve into this “quality” issue.

Let’s begin with the definition of quality, as per quality guru Philip Crosby, Quality is defined as “Conformance to customer’s requirements.” From this, it became clear to me that a humble “Maruti” is of no lesser quality than mighty “Audi” if it meets your requirements of transportation, gadgets, safety, prestige and equally importantly cost. Similarly, security services’ customer has a requirement of not the only level of compliances, integrity, dedication, personality and educational level of guards but also the maximum amount of money he would like to pay for all this. Your unique combination of compliances, services and cost decide what is quality for you. If at your cost level, the manpower services company is meeting your unique requirement of services even if the guard is not tall and compliances are not complete (assuming these are not your requirements) you are getting high “quality” services. I attempt to provide the highest quality services i.e. highest possible combination of manpower, compliances, processes and training at a particular price point. I guess it may not be different in what you try and attempt in your own businesses.

So you decide is your services provider meeting your unique requirements, if yes you are getting high “quality” or else not.

Ravi Kapur

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