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Why does security agency make the “poor” guard do double duty?

In my years of heading a security and housekeeping agency, one of the most common complaints I have heard is that security agencies make the poor guard do double duties say 16 hours (if guards are on 8 hrs shift) or even worst 24 or 36 hours (if guards are on 12hrs shift). Client feels very strongly about the humane angle. I will in this letter try and give another perspective.

On the whole there are 3 perspectives of following different stakeholders.

  1. Client

Double duties are unacceptable from client perspective as quality of services deteriorates.

  1. Security Agency

More often than not, security agency is forced to get double duty done either due to sudden unplanned leave by guard or due to shortage. You may wish to condone the agency if it is due to unplanned leave however if it is happening frequently due to shortages you should consider changing the agency.

  1. Guard

Now the most interesting and probably sad part is the guard’s perspective, he is “loving” it, as he gets paid double. He has come from far off state with the sole objective of earning money. He probably does not have family here and no great recreation centric lifestyle as that would lead to expenditure hence is not looking for any free time. He gets to sleep during the double shift and if gets caught, gets all the sympathy of double duty from client. He rarely complains to agency about his double duty and often pays his “supervisor” a small “cut” to let him do these double duties. There are exceptions to this but in my experience they are quite rare.

I hope it gives you another though sad perspective to guard’s double duties.

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